Our Mission

To provide new, multipurpose, breakthrough and continually improved products and services in different segments to improve customer bottom line. 

Our Vision

To be the number one and to remain there with nano, bio and naturals products for the markets that belong to us, with high value creation and sustainable work culture. Preserving ethical and moral values remain the key to the total culture.

Business overview

At Zelence, we produce pro-organic agricultural, farm and industrial products for customers all around the world. Zelence is committed to produce quality products that are new, path-breaking and segment-creating, having highest possible purity and safety. The products are derived from new and emerging materials and particles. 

Our History

March, 2019

Pranam and Zelence are to be merged in March, 2019.

January, 2019

Organic fertilizer customized for Aquaculture was introduced in January, 2019.

August, 2018

FarmHelfer FishHeal was introduced in August, 2018.

June, 2018

FarmHelfer CLEAR and FarmHelfer Mr. Fish were introduced as product in June, 2018.

February, 2018

Pitched for Happy Milk in GES, 2018, came second in February, 2018.

October, 2017

FarmHelfer branded products were introduced in the market in October, 2017.

September, 2017

Matribhumi Knight Field trials were completed and introduced in the market in September, 2017.

August, 2017

Happy Milk, for Dairy sector as a feed for enhanced milk was started for field trials in August, 2017.

April, 2017

Zelence Industries Pvt Ltd was formed and incubated as a start up since April, 2017.

March, 2017

Collaborative biochar research was started in March, 2017.

November, 2016

Nanosilver based disinfectant Matribhumi Knight was experimentally introduced in November, 2016.

February, 2016

Second product Matribhumi Seatonic was introduced in February, 2016. Pranam LPS Started retail selling in Southern part of West Bengal.

October, 2015

We have taken up the Nanosilver, bioactive compounds research for agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture in October, 2015.

May, 2015

First product with brand name Matribhumi Organic fertilizer was introduced in the market in May, 2015.

January, 2015

Started in January, 2015 as a Partnership Farm named Pranam Laboratories Products and Services.


Zelence is a startup incubated at Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. It was conceptualised as a partnership between a teacher and his student. It began its journey by extensive testing of its new and innovative products in the nearby districts of Kharagpur namely East and

Our Awesome Team

Our team is made of seasoned professionals with high qualifications and varied experiences.
We started our journey with our great ambitions but it’s not possible without our team hard work. Our team gives a smooth encourage to produce and distribute to every customer thoroughly for better a future. Our team comes to work every day dedicated to advancing how we deliver nutrition across all major species.

Our Location


STEP, IIT Kharagpur
Kharagpur, West Bengal
India – 721302

Contact Us

Email: office@myzelence.com

Sales: salesonline@myzelence.com

Phone: +91  7001564058