Zelence has been invited for a conclave organized by NITI Aayog titled “Start-ups in Smart Agriculture” to be held in National Agri Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali, Punjab on 7th March, 2019. NITI ayog – Invitation Letter

A novel composition for lactating animals for increasing the milk solid content has been filed for patent. The first examination report has been issued.

Pure organic farming in contract basis has been started jointly with CWD Pvt. Ltd. Bankura. Current projects on Papaya, Muskmelon, Vegetables, Dragon Fruit etc. is going on in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh etc. 

Poultry farming is a major source of income for rural household in Eastern India. However, lack of proper place for farming force it to be founded in the vicinity of human habitat. The sanitary and drainage system runoff are quite connected to the shallow groundwater. Therefore, enteric microbial pathogen contamination in the shallow water is huge. And this is the main source of drinking water for most poultry farm. High rate of poultry mortality (5-10%) is common due to Escherichia coli and other enteric microbial pathogen related disease. Lot of medicines, antibiotics has been tried without satisfactory outcome. WE have prepared a disinfectant which could eliminate most of the waterborne pathogen creating poultry disease. This has been trialed and tested in majorly disease prone farms in some part of West Bengal. It could reduce the water borne pathogen mortality rate around 2%.  The profit margin have grown up to 20-30% due to this in the tested and used farms.

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Zelence came second in Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2018 pitcher-2 at IIT Kharagpur. 


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