FarmHelfer CLEAR-800mL


2-9 pcs: 940.00/pc
10 pcs: 930.00/pc

Water disinfectant for animal husbandry purpose. Prevent waterborne pathogen like Escherichia Coli  (E. coli), Salmonella etc. Prevent some viral diseases. Prevention of bacterial diarrhea /enterocolitis. Reduce mortality rate.

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A. Daily through drinking water: 1mL/20-30 Liter

B. Disinfection of farm houses using power sprayer :

  • In presence of bird/animal: 4 mL/Liter of water.
  • In absence of bird/animal: 10 mL/Liter of water.

C. Disinfection of farm houses by thermal fogger, storage tank, pipeline disinfection: 10 ml/L

D. Disinfection of utensil, incubator, vehicles, hatching eggs, equipments, pre-cleaned surface: 4-10 mL/Liter of water.


28 Liter, 800 ml


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