Liquid feed supplement for Poultry/Duck

Ingredients: Alginic acid, Mannitol, Laminarine, Natural Fibre, Protein, Fat, K, I, Ca, Na, Mg, V, Vitamin C, B3 from natural sources


  • Reduce FCR and results in weight gain
  • Maintains optimum productivity in layers
  • Enhance synthesis of anti -oxidant enzyme.
  • Improve response and vaccine performance.
  • Improve overall body resistance, minimize stress and assure faster recovery form disease.
  • Overcome legweakness.
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Dosage and Usage rate:

FarmHelper Ultimate liquid should be used in poultry drinking water system.

For Duck and Broiler:  Total 1 mL / 15 birds of FarmHelfer Ultimate liquid in drinking water (will be fed for 24h) for the whole batch. Total part should be divided into 15 parts and should be fed like 1/15th, 2/15th, 4/15th and 8/15th at 7 days interval for best result. The first dose should start after the first vaccination at 9 or 10th days after bird placement. 
Illustration: If total 1800 birds are placed in a farm then the farm owner needs 1800/15= 120 ml FarmHelfer Ultimate for total batch. He should divide it into 15 parts. On 9th or 10th day he should mix 1part or 8ml of FarmHelfer Ultimate into the drinking water and let the bird drink the water for 24 hours. After 7 days interval (16-17th Day after placement) he should fed 2 parts or 16 ml in the same manner. He should fed 4 parts or 32 ml and 8 parts or 64 ml on 24-25th and 31-32nd days respectively in the same manner.

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