MATRIBHUMI Organic Fertilizer


MATRIBHUMI Organic Fertilizer

(Vermicompost based organic fertilizer)


Vermicompost, Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma harzianum, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Azotobacter sp, Azospirillum sp., Bacillas megaterium, Mg, Zn, Mo, B and Zel C (Proprietary).


The present agriculture processes in the world are full of inorganic processes. But these processes drive agriculture to a disaster in the future-causing a chain of events like less yield ,food shortage, lesser quality, and higher prices .

Zelence has formulated an innovative vermicompost based organic fertilizer that has been formulated with compost mixed with beneficial microorganisms and micronutrients for pure organic cultivation as well as integrated nutrient management practices. Wide range of farmers of the Eastern India uses it as a substitute of inorganic fertilizer. It has some unmatched novel characteristics: lesser dosage requirement, better looks and feel of the products, etc.-more described in the benefit section. MATRIBHUMI Organic fertilizer is made up of 100% pure bio organic material. It is specially used by some farmers for exporting the final produce to other territories and other countries.


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  • Harvesting period of the seasonal and annual crops like cucumber, ribbed gourd, pointed gourd, snake gourd, bitter gourd, pea, beans, eggplant, chilli, bell pepper, tomato, okra etc. increases more than available from normal practice,- thereby increasing the production and value return increases.
  • Reduces the use of inorganic fertilizer by 30-40% in any integrated nutrient management.
  • Increases grains production by 25-30%.
  • Its defense mechanism prevents some bacterial and fungal diseases and thereby reduces the microbicide cost by 40-50%.
  • MATRIBHUMI organic fertilizer controls and balances the soil PH and temperature, increases water holding capacity and cation exchange capacity. It prevents soil aggregation.
  • It can supply the nutrients to the plants for longer period.
  • Crops or grains can be stored in a ware house for a longer period of time because of better formation of fibers.
  • Better taste and nutrition of the produce is also achieved by applying MATRIBHUMI organic fertilizer.

Dosage and Direction for use:

  • If mixed with any other inorganic chemicals: 100-200 kilograms per acre for integrated nutrient management
  • For pure organic farming: 300-800 kilograms per acre depending on the crop.
  • Per sapling or Plant: 50-200 grams.


30 KG laminated HDPE packet. Higher capacity order can be booked.


30 Kg, 40 Kg


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