Ongoing Research​

Being nurtured in the laboratories of the famous Indian Institute of Technology, Zelence is keyed to developing new particles, materials, molecules and composites that have the potential to revolutionize the requirements in different sectors and segment.

Future Research

  1. We are now committed to developing new materials from wood and biomass residue, largely agricultural residuals and plant litter (fallen leaves, disposals, storm falls, etc.).
  2. Translating cutting edge research into viable and affordable products remain the core research theme at Zelence. 
  3. Zelence is also looking at the new and expansive applications of different nanoparticles including Graphene, AgNps, ZnNPs and CaNPs, etc. 


STEP, IIT Kharagpur
Kharagpur, West Bengal
India – 721302

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Phone: +91  7001564058